Becoming an MRC Dealer OR Distributor
Please read the information below then submit your application to become an official MRC Dealer or Distributor!

Requirements for becoming an MRC DEALER...
First, fill out and sign the application form. Be sure to complete all sections.

Requirements for becoming an MRC DISTRIBUTOR...
First, fill out and sign the application form. Be sure to complete all sections.

Year-after-year MRC brings fresh products, potential and profits to hobby dealers throughout the country.
Our breadth of product lines stretches from high tech Radio Control to being the leader in cutting-edge DC, AC and DCC train controls and sound systems. We were the pioneers that powered RC car profits then took them from phenomenon to hobby shop staple. In addition to our RC cars, buggies, planes and boats, we market the leading RC helicopter line in the industry.

The fact is, we’ve a proven knack for spotting winners,
building a following and developing new hobby shop sales. For instance, our mini, indoor electric helis created a whole new profit center in shops that never even considered RC helicopters before. In addition to our exquisite plastic model kits and built up collectibles, we’re delivering slots with cars, track and technology that are revitalizing the category. And we’ve created a real business for you out of battery chargers.

MRC supports you with special buying programs, consistent new product introductions,
and by weaving the widest advertising and promotional net in the industry. Our support can also be measured in our parts availability, tech liaison and order turnaround times that are second to none.

There’s one more thing to consider.
MRC’s reputation for quality products, service and continuity has been a solid foundation for hobby shops and the hobby business… and after over six decades, you can depend on it to continue.
Contact us, we look forward to serving you.

MRC products lines include major international brands as well as proprietary products.

Leading International Brands:
MRC Train Controls & Sound Systems; MRC Super Brain Battery Chargers, Model Power & Mantua Model Railroad Products, Academy Plastics Model Kits; Easy Model; and JTT Scenery Products

Advantages of being an MRC e-commerce dealer
  • MRC knows your needs for quality product, promotions and pricing
  • Our service supports your sales and your customer’s satisfaction
  • Widespread consumer acceptance of the brands we market... as well as strong recognition of our proprietary lines like MRC Train Controls, Sound Systems, Super Brain Chargers and Platinum Series Trains
  • MRC products have consistently created profits for dealers throughout the country
  • We strongly support you with national advertising, consumer literature and representation at consumer hobby shows
  • One-on-one consumer and dealer tech support by thoroughly trained MRC sales associates and hobbyist-technicians
  • Our consumer web site is loaded with information that can help you close a sale when the consumer is in your shop
  • The MRC E-Messenger keeps you current on what’s new, what’s hot and what’s being promoted
  • Quality products and solid margins
Ordering convenience and simplicity
  • 24/7 on-line ordering
  • Back order and stock on-hand information instantly available
  • Superior fill rates
  • Our Dealer On-Line-Hot-Line page offers special savings on special products
  • Instruction manuals and literature are available 24/7
  • Find product by word search, brand name and manufacturer
  • Ordering on the web allows you to spend more time with your customer
  • We will of course, continue to take your telephone orders at your convenience.

A word about delivery
With few exceptions orders will be filled and shipped within 24 hours. Our fill rates are among the highest in the industry.

Minimum order and freight allowance
Orders of $150 or more will be shipped at no charge. Orders under $150 will incur a $12.50 handling fee.

Requirements for becoming an MRC dealer...
Fill out and sign the application form. The application can be download as an Adobe Acrobat PDF.
Click here to download the application. Be sure to complete all sections.

If you have any questions about how to become a dealer for MRC, feel free to contact us at:
Model Rectifier Corporation
80 Newfield Avenue
Edison, NJ 08837

Phone: (732) 225-2100
Fax: (732) 225-0091